SYRO software and control department recognizes that rapid response to change is critical for success. We providing PLC programming, PC based software for industrial PLC automation, services.

Industrial PLC Projects and Controller Programming

We can design cost effective hardware layouts for PLC projects, as well as a variety of software for new or existing equipment depending on your requirements. We have worked with a variety of industrial PLC computer/processor manufacturers including Allen Bradley, Siemens, Modicon, and Mitsubishi. We have also worked with PC based controls systems such as Wonderware.

Our department is a trusted expert of PLC (programmable logic controller) programming, as well as hardware and software solutions for PLC projects and industrial automation. We customize our services for clients specific application and according to projects needs

PLC Projects

Our experienced engineers focus on PLC controller programming for automation projects that allows equipment to operate in a safe and efficient manner, while machine software or logic tracks and reports on significant characteristics.

We have also developed communications to work seamlessly with plant management computer software.

This allows for the transfer of information such as machine uptime/downtime, part tracking, and quality control and SPC data.

Our optimization of function, maintenance, and data collection of industrial equipment includes the following machine controls:

  • Electrical Hardware Design
  • PLC Source Code
  • PLC Automation
  • HMI Design
  • Industrial PLC Automation Software
  • PLC Programming/Support

Industrial PLC Automation

Industrial PLC programming services often require a more in-depth understanding of a customer’s requirements.

SYRO brings an intimate knowledge of PLC automation, programming, and integration within a wide range of environments.

Establishing the right machine controls, whether electric, hydraulic, pneumatic, liquids or gas is a specialty we have crafted over the years.

Integrating controller programming and automation effectively within client production line can be the difference between keeping production moving and having the line go down. We fully understand how best to determine the most cost-effective PLC automation solution, balancing productivity and expense.